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Coaching Staff
Varsity Head Coach: Tony Crudo
JV Coach: Graham O'Brien
C-Team Coach: marty evans
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Dec 18, 2020 9:42 AM

Latest News - COVID stuff!!

As everyone knows, there is a pandemic going on and there are many restrictions concerning coming into school and particpating in high school sports. Coach O and I will be setting up some Zoom meetings for interested students beginning after January 1st. Check back for the dates and times. But here are a couple of things that you need to remember:

1) You HAVE to have good grades to tryout. The state rules allow for a single failing class to be eligible. Don't take a chance - pass all of your classes. We are working on how to help you with Grade Checks.

2) We can not train as a group but you can train individually or with a friend. There are a lot of things you can work on. Running, agility, juggling skills or dribbling skills. Just kick the ball against the gym walls for 30 minutes each day and practice chest, thigh and foot traps In other words, you can practice on your own and you will get better based on the amount of time you work at it. This is just simple stuff. If you have a friend, practice chipping the ball 30 yards back and forth and work on control, knocking it back out of the air or passing at a target. Two guys and a soccer ball can improve a lot if they focus and make the effort. Most of you are on club teams and I will guess that you have been doing some group training. Keep working and follow the protocals. Just because there is Covid does not mean you can't go outside and improve as an athlete. Waching Man. U play Chelsea on the big screen is fun and entertaining but going outside and working on soccer skills will make you a better player. Just say'in.

3) I am not a health expert but my wish is that we will be able to play a shortened season sometime in April or May. Obviously, we won't have a lot of prep time for this so you need to be ready to go if we get the opportunity.

4) Keep your head up. The sun will rise tomorrow and you will be back on the field, playing games and having fun soon. This is a great opportunity to think about what is important and how to face challanges in you life. FHS wants to help you and we will make our time together the best it can be.

5) Check back just before the start of the year.


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